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Transform your Self Image & Transform your life.

How you view yourself determines your success in every aspect of your life from success in love to how much money you can earn.

If you are holding a negative self image about yourself, this will increase your chances of suffering from depression or anxiety.

How to tell if your Self Image needs an overhaul?

When someone gives you a compliment, do you accept it, appreciate it and say thank you? Or do you refuse the compliment?

If you find it hard to accept a compliment, it maybe you feel undeserving, unworthy nor not good enough.

TIP: Next time someone pays you a compliment, observe how you want to react. Accept the compliment fully, take it on board and say thank you. This will send a message to your subconscious mind (inner child) that you are indeed worthy!

Notice how great or awful your self chat is?

Would you say to your bff the things you consistently tell yourself in your head? Yes/No?

Are you kicking your own ass day in day out? Wondering why you feel so awful and anxious?

TIP: Your subconscious mind is listening and responding to everything your saying in your own mind. The health of your mental health is determined by how healthy your thinking and self image is.

How to transform your Self Image

Write down all the qualities of the person you wish to be. If there is something in your life that you have been wanting to attract, who is the person you need to become to attract that thing? How does that person walk, talk to people? What is that person wearing? What does their day look like? How do they walk into a room. What is their daily routine?

Now you are creating a picture of the person you wish to be. Your subconscious mind works using pictures and feelings. It does not know the difference between pretend and reality. Become that person now, make it fun, pretend like when you were a child. The more you focus on this picture the sooner you will make that self image you. Infuse this with the feelings you would have if this was you now!

Hypnosis is also amazing for transforming your self image, increase your confidence and achieve your goals and dreams.

Meditate on your new self image daily, creating clarity of who you want to be and how you want your life to be. Instead of focusing on what's going wrong or what you want, your transforming yourself and Evolving yourself from the inside out, utilising your imagination to your full advantage, making your dreams and aspirations a reality.

Get in touch if you would love help to increase your self esteem, confidence and inner power. Healing from self sabotage and anxiety, becoming the person you know is inside.


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