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Get to Know Me

Ive battled my own demons with mental health. I am here to tell you, its not who you are and you can 100% become free!

Free of Self harm at 16.

Learned to control Anxiety and heal from Panic Disorder at 25.

Age 30, decided to throw anti depressants in the bin, after a bout of post natal depression.

After fleeing an abusive relationship, was left to pick up the pieces of what I found was PTSD. 

Becoming mentally fit, I trained in everything that healed me; Hypnotherapy helped me sleep and rewire my subconscious mind.

NLP trained my mind.

Reiki Healed and restored balance to my energy. 

EFT helped me let go of the past. 

It is my goal in life to help others who are quietly trying to survive at life, Evolving into the real, true version of themselves. Emotionally balanced, Confident & free of all that is holding you down. 

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