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Quick tips to give your Self Worth a boost

Do you ever feel like your Self Worth could use a boost?

Your not alone! Here are some fun, quick tips to INCREASE your Self-worth

1) Treat yourself like a VIP

The way your treat yourself sets the tone for how others will treat you. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy a Date night for yourself!

2) Celebrate Your WINS

No matter how small they maybe, perhaps you got up in-time, you cleaned that cupboard out, helped someone. Give yourself a high five and bask in the glory of your accomplishments!

3) Surround yourself with people who LIGHT YOU UP

You become the 5 people you hang around with. Make sure they lift you up and be prepared to step back from the ones who don’t. Life is too short!

4) FOCUS on your Strengths!

We are all unique, no one is perfect. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on what makes YOU SPECIAL & use your strengths to your advantage.

5) Practise SELF-CARE

Your body carry’s you throughout your life time, nourish it, love it, treat it with kindness! Eat well, exercise, spend time in nature. Take time to recharge & rejuvenate your body & mind.

6) You are your biggest life Project!

Continue to work on improving your mind and your body will follow.

Remember you are AMAZING, just the way you are! Give yourself some LOVE & watch your SELF-WORTH SOAR!

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