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Is Social Media causing you Anxiety?

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others on social media?

Looking at other peoples holiday snaps, how perfect they look, how amazing their life looks.

Guess what? Most people only put out what they want others to see. Social media is not reality. It's a very filtered, enhanced and unrealistic adaptation of ones life.

The point is... Is social media stealing your joy and sabotaging your precious time on this earth? Is the near addiction of constant scrolling and comparing, causing you to feel unhappy with who you are and the life you lead?

If something is causing you unneccesery pain, stop doing it. Life hard enough, especially if you are already suffering from anxiety.

The constant task of having to wish someone you've never met happy birthday, or comment you look beautiful, so you don't come across as jealous is fake & exhausting.

Posting pictures to see how many hearts or likes you get. If you don't get so many does that make you feel ugly?

It's time for a reality check, is this bringing you joy or pain? Most of the people are not your real friends or family, they actually don't care about your life, and that's okay. Is someones opinion about you valuable if they do not really know or care for you?

It really stems down to a self worth issue. A subconscious blocker that you may not feel good enough or feel worthy. (btw most people have them in some capacity - I did).

Perhaps it's time to hit the reset - take a break from the social monster and focus simply on yourself, focus on actually living instead of scrolling. What is it that makes you feel good? Do that, and leave your phone at home, feels so liberating!

Spending time being absorbed in fun times with the ones you love. Breathing in all that fresh air, nourishing your real relationships, with yourself and the ones you love and care about.


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