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How to heal someone

Everyone has the ability within them to heal and be healed, yes even you!

Over time people have lost touch with themselves, lost touch with their intuition, their spirit. You have an infinite powerful ability within you, that you simply need to tune into. The most important factor is to have faith in your ability. Be open to new possibilities.

Lets Begin with, how to heal someone else.

I first had proof that I had this ability, around 10 years ago. I got a phone call from my dad who said he was really ill, I've never actually heard him sound so bad, he said every muscle in his body hurt, even his bones were sore. I could sense how bad he felt, I felt awful for him, I just wanted him to feel better. So that night I sent him healing (without telling him) I wanted proof for myself if it would really work.

I called him the next day, and he was in the Mercedes garage looking at cars, he said he couldn't believe how great he felt, he was buzzing, I could hear it in the sound of his voice. I told him I sent him healing, and he completely paused. I would say he's very open to things now but back then he would have said yeah right! He said, "Its worked, its really worked, whatever you've done, I feel amazing today, complete polar opposites to what I felt last night!"

What does this teach us about healing? The other person does not need to know, believe or even be in the same room as the healer

But, I made a mistake

I was completely drained, I felt weak and fatigued. I was so happy that it worked and my dad felt amazing but, I was completely depleted of energy for two days. It was then I realised I should learn healing from a professional, so I enrolled in Reiki Practitioner course. Let me be clear though, Reiki course will strengthen your ability as a healer, and it taught me how to send healing without feeling drained of energy, it is not essential, as you have this ability naturally, you just need to learn how to use it properly.

What I done wrong

I sent my dad my energy instead of using divine energy. This is the energy from God/Source/Universal energy, whatever you use the name for it, lets call it source energy.

Lets break it down

1) Decide on the person/animal/plant/area of life you are going to heal. Make that decision a strong one.

2) Decide where and when, you can create a sacred space if you like. Its not necessary though, you do not need crystals, grids, phase of the moon, or herbs (although, I do hold them with value and purpose, their energy can certainly enhance things) the main thing is utilising your own power within.

3) Be comfortable, where you can relax and not be disturbed. For me; being a mum, this is when kids are sleeping and I'm laying relaxed in my bed :)

4) Focus and Imagine that there is a beautiful healing light coming down from source and into the top of your head (your crown chakra) Imagine this light is filling your whole body, right through your feet imagine there are roots anchoring you from your feet into Mother Earth, Grounding you.

5) Imagine the person/thing you would like to heal. Imagine where they are.

Say: "Thank you for healing ........., it is done, it is done, it is done.

Gratitude enhances your energy and self belief.

Visualise this healing light traveling from source through you, out through your hands, your heart or the back of your neck directly to them, flowing beautifully and effortlessly to them.

6) Imaging this light is filling the whole of their physical and spiritual being, focus on this, feel this. Imagine them smiling, imagine them completely healed and free, feeling good, filled withe beautiful light from source, through you to them. do this for as long as you feel, might be a few mins or 20 mins.

7) You will feel when to stop, and imagine the light dimming, and going back to source. Thank source again to finish the healing.

8) Practise, practise, practise. Practising enhances your strength, ability & faith in yourself.

Even if someone has asked for healing, it is their soul who decides to receive it. If you send healing and it seems it has not worked, this can be their soul rejecting the healing. This is not anything to do with your ability as a healer. Also, if it is someones time to journey onto the other side, you cannot change that. you can make someone more comfortable.

Id love to hear how you have got on, let me know, below!
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Amazing blog Debbie ❤️

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