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Beat Depression

Depression is like an invisible leach, sucking the joy, energy and goodness from your soul! I have first hand experience with this blood sucker, and it sucks... no pun intended. Im here to show you how you can overcome this & feel good.

What does depression feel like?

For me, I felt like getting out of bed was a chore, doing anything was too much effort. I just wanted to be left alone, almost enjoying my little nest of self pity. I cried at the slightest thing, for so long. I had no energy, motivation, or spark. I couldn't remember the last time I laughed or actually really smiled. Everyone is different. Some people mask depression well, others like me, I couldn't even care to hide my misery.

Take these pills the Dr said... That certainly stopped the crying, infact, zapped all emotion from me. A walking shell of empty nothingness actually felt better for a while. I couldn't care less about anything, apart from my son, of course. He was the reason I decided to get better.

When I dropped those pills in the bin, that is when I decided Im not doing depression anymore.

Now Im not saying put your anti depressants in the bin. (You should speak to a medical professional if you are on medication, to come off them safely) What Im saying is, they can mask the problem - not solve the problem.

Depression is a mind and energy problem. Change your mindset and energy, you will change the way you feel. When you change the way you feel, your life will change...

Make a decision;

Make a conscious decision, that you are not doing depression anymore! This is the most powerful leap forward. Depression is not the real you, its a rut you have found yourself in, through unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours, that can be changed. Once you have made this decision, you are now ready to move forward!


We are all made of energy, and energy needs to flow, like water or it becomes stale and stagnant. Whether it is a walk, or some form of exercise, keep moving to move and rejuvenate your energy.


Whats really going on with you? What is making you unhappy? What has lead you down this path of feeling so low? Ask yourself what has caused this to happen.

For me, I was in a violent & extremely toxic relationship. Walking on eggshells, living in a constant state of fear took its toll on my mental wellbeing.

If you can get to the source, you can weed out the things which are destroying your inner peace. It can be a loss, a breakup, or even a lack of direction. Ask yourself the questions, you might not get answers straight away, but in time, they will come.

Start Weeding

Remove everything thats dimming your light. Life is too short to let someone or something zap the joy from your life. Have you heard that saying, the three little monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil? That should be a mantra to live by. Stop watching, listening too, and speaking any negativity. Replace it with all things that make you feel good! The news, facebook posts, radio, that friend who gossips about everyone, is darkening your spirit. Watch things that make you feel uplifted, chat to that friend who makes you laugh, speak about things that make you feel happy. Gossiping & complaining is bad energy, you have no need for it where you are going.

The magnificent power of Gratitude

Utilise the magnificent power of gratitude. Gratitude, rewires your brain from habitually thinking negatively, to positivity. It also attracts more good into your life through the law of attraction. Begin a gratitude journal, write down 10 things you are grateful for each day, & why. At first you may find this difficult as you may have habitually thinking of things to complain about. You can even start with your eyes, some people are not blessed with sight, a roof over your head, there are millions of people who don't have that luxury. You are truly blessed, if you just look towards the light.

Create a Goal that makes your heart sing

Lack of a goal or direction, creates stagnance which leads to depression. A goal will give you uplift and motivate you and give you focus. Does the goal make you feel really good when you think about it? Will it enhance your life and the others around you? If not, do some soul searching, and find another goal. Write the goal down, as if you have already achieved it, in your gratitude journal. Feel it, this is what gives your goal energy it needs to manifest.


Do you find your self being your own cheerleader in your own head? Probably not. Chances are you've probably been kicking your own butt left right and centre. Nows the time to forgive yourself for anything your holding onto, its doing you no favours! Accept yourself for who you are and all your flaws. No one is perfect here, regardless of what they display on social media. We are all trying to survive and succeed at life trying to do the best we can, everyone makes mistakes. Love & accept yourself unconditionally & start bringing yourself up instead of down.

Put Yourself First

For now, put yourself first, how you feel affects everyone around you. If you are feeling low, your energy will rub off on those you love. Do things that uplift you, and make you feel good. That big tub of ice cream will make you feel good until you've finished it, then it will make you feel bad. A walk in nature will naturally release serotonin into your brain, uplifting you. Book yourself a massage (after lockdown of course) give yourself little date nights, candles and pampering. Nourish yourself with good uplifting food. Food is also made of energy, food of high frequency will lift you up, processed food will bring you down. Make, loving & making yourself feel good a priority!

Tools to help you on your journey to Wellbeing and joy

These are tools that really helped me, and maybe they can help you too

  • Listen to your fave feel good song

  • Watch your fave comedy

  • Eat food of light - natural organic fruit and veg, will lift your vibe

  • Essential oils - Certain oils will lift your mood and reduce depression

  • Reiki

  • Listen to Hypnosis

  • Learn to Meditate

  • Listen to high frequency music

  • Listen to people who uplift and motivate you. I love Abraham Hicks

  • Be creative, when you are creative your in alignment

  • Appreciate yourself and others

  • Read a book that inspires you - The Secret by Rhona Byrne literally helped change my life

  • Smile - even a fake one tells your brain your happy

  • Gratitude journal

  • Yoga

  • Affirmations

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this useful. Feel free to subscribe and share, thank you. Id love to hear your comments below.



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